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Booking for 9Dragons

Hello all,

With the new 9Dragons and Bassac booking templates, we should be able to extract very quickly information useful for strategy and accounting, so long as we follow a few rules.

Each booking The channels we identify are the following:

  1. Bassac: only the overnight cruise part, not incluging any road transfers (Bassac booking)

  2. transfers: road transfers for the Bassac only (Bassac booking)

  3. Bassac + 9dragons: includes both overnight services and 9Dragons services other than road transfer (Bassac booking)

  4. 9Dragons: bookings for 9Dragons services, no Bassac,

This allows us to qualify the turnover over a period by channel and per client, and make decisions to allocate ressources to 9Dragons as all non-purely Bassac services are going through 9Dragons.

To make it work, please be sure to:

  1. Make only ONE booking per booking, especially avoid making one booking for the Bassac that references another one for 9Dragons (or the opposite), as it will send our statistics astray.

  2. Declare explicitly the rebates so that they appear separately from the sales value (and it also helps to document the reason).

When you come across a booking that does not respect these rules, please be nice and correct it for the sake of the scheduler and our mental health when we make statistics.




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